TCF/ GIKI Alumni Campus

Project Proposal

The proposed site is located at Parmoli. Parmoli is an existing cluster of 3 primary and 2 secondary TCF schools. A Primary Unit is consisted of six class rooms from KG to V (30/ classroom) and a Secondary Unit is consisted of five class rooms from Grade VI to X (36/ classroom).

Parmoli is a thickly populated area where an existing TCF School - Shirin Sultan Dossa Campus XVII - is operating at its full capacity at 183 students since 2007. There is an increasing demand from the community for another Primary School. Therefore, TCF is proposing construction of a primary school unit for build-cycle 2017-18 (academic session 2018-19) on the above mentioned location. The same will be constructed within the boundary walls of existing schools in horizontal structure.

The site is in rural area with mostly low to medium income households. This location has been selected by TCF based on a strategic assessment of the area to determine “need”, as well as TCF’s operational priorities. The region survey assessment considers existing number of schools, number of children of school going age, poverty level, site suitability and land assessment.

In future, further school unit(s) will be established on the basis of community need/ demand and post TCF management approval.

Land for the project

The land on which a TCF School is built is generally donated to or leased in the name of TCF. TCF attempts to utilize all resources effectively and therefore establishes additional units on the land as per requirement of the area with the help of its supporters. The standard requirement of land for TCF cluster (3 primary + 2 secondary school units) of schools is 1 acre. Enough land is available at the site for this project.

The proposed primary school will be constructed on the area highlighted in below layout:

Project Timeline

Project planning begins after TCF receives confirmation of a build commitment and the mobilization advance from GIKI Alumni. A standard TCF School is estimated to take 12-14 months to be completed with quarterly updates provided to GIKI Alumni during construction of the school and ongoing annual reports outlining school operations once the school is constructed.

Note that timelines may be revised based on receipt of Build Mobilization Advance.

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