Project Leads

Project Champions

  • GIKI, Batch 02: Masood Siddiqi (USA) - (Email:
  • GIKI, Batch 02: Soban Jalil (USA) - (Email:
  • GIKI Batch 02: Irfan Nazir (Pakistan) - (Email:

(Left to Right) Ameen Ashraf, Zia Syed & Masood Siddiqi

Project Leads

  • GIKI, Batch 01: Irfan ul Haq (USA) - President, GIKI Alumni Association
  • GIKI, Batch 01: Raza Shaukat Latif (USA)
  • GIKI, Batch 02: Zia Syed (USA) - MoU Signatory (Email:
  • GIKI, Batch 02: Salman Mehmood (AUS)
  • GIKI, Batch 02: Ameen Ashraf (USA) - MoU Signatory (Email:
  • GIKI, Batch 04: Shahid Waqas Chaudhry (KSA)
  • GIKI, Batch 14: Waqas Burney (SG) - Webmaster

We're looking for more leads to help us on fundraising. The more the merrier!

If you're willing to take lead on fundraising for your batch, company, country of residence or more, please sign up here.