TCF/ GIKI Alumni Campus

Establishing a TCF primary school in Swabi (Pakistan)- funded by the GIKI Alumni & friends

Recently, GIKI alumni from some of our earliest batches signed an MoU to build the first alumni-sponsored #TCF primary school in Pakistan. The school will be located in Parmoli, Swabi district- about an hour's drive from GIK Institute, and is expected to be operational in April 2018.

USD 247,000




USD 256,000


It would cost USD 171,000 to build a primary school unit for the 2017-18 cycle. Another USD 76,000 will be required for three years' operational support from 2018-21. Therefore, the total cost for the TCF Primary School: GIKI Alumni Campus is USD 247,000.

Update: As of Nov 15, 2018, We have raised the full construction cost of the school and the construction of the project has already started in Summer 2018. We are now focusing on raising the 3 year operational cost which is $ 76,000.

Please donate generously. Additionally, volunteer for fundraising for your batch/ company/ country of residence and help create awareness on the cause in your friends & family circles

TCF Alumnus Jahanzeb Nisar has recently graduated from GIKI with the Class of 2017 (Batch 23)